Season 1

Ep. 8 – There is no shame in fat

Fat – it’s the age-old ‘hot’ topic, but it’s a sensitive one too. Why? Because there are still incredible stigmas around being overweight and obese and it’s about time that we deal with it. 

Fat is not only vital for our evolutionary existence, when it’s in balance it contributes to a health daily life. But when it gets out of balance, it seems to almost control us. In today’s episode I talk with Dr. Mariette Boon. She is a doctor and researcher who studies fat – she literally wrote the book on it (click here). We cover everything from why fat is important to the serious societal and health implications of fat-shaming and stigmas about overweight and obesity. Of course, you’ll hear from the Dutchometer, Merijn Soeters. 

To buy a copy of Mariette’s book – click here: 

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